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Prof. Vauquelin's initial research dealt with the purification of P-adrenergic receptors (PhD, 1978) and the discrimination between agonist- and antagonist- P-adrenergic receptor interaction. Part of this work was performed in 1979-1980 at the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, during a post-doctoral stay in the lab of Prof. M. Maguire. Dr. Vauquelin's subsequent work focused on in vitro techniques. It included the identification and characterization of GPCRs and mechanisms of receptor regulation by physiological and patho-physiological conditions with a particular emphasis on receptors in the human CNS. Some of his research also dealt with the interaction of natural products from plants and animal venoms (conotoxins) with receptors and their ligands and with the investigation of membrane proteins with potential receptor-like activity. More recently, intact cell systems expressing either endogenous or transfected receptors (for neuropeptide Y, angiotensin II) have been used to compare ligand-recep-tor interactions by radioligand binding and functional measurements. Dr. Vauquelin is (co)author of over 180 publications in international journals.

Dr. von Mentzer's initial research dealt with mechanisms, classification and localization of P-adrenergic receptors involved in colon motility (PhD, 1985). Dr. von Mentzer's postdoctoral studies were focused on the understanding of the functional impact of drug-receptor interactions at the University of Leicester with Prof. Stefan Nahorski. These studies comprised the functional coupling of muscarinic receptors to phosphoinositol signalling pathways. During the ensuing 10 years, Dr. von Mentzer moved to the field of fatty acid metabolism, concentrating on the arachidonic acid pathway. These studies led to a joint collaboration with Prof. Arthur Spector at the University of Iowa and Prof. Jim Hamilton at Boston University. Dr. von Mentzer returned back to receptor pharmacology and developed a particular interest in neuropep-tide research. His present occupation deals with drug development at AstraZeneca. He is an initiator of teamwork in several discovery/development projects related to gastrointestinal neuropeptide GPCRs and provides scientific support to project and group leaders at different stages in drug development.

Thinking must never submit itself, neither to a dogma, nor to a party, nor to a passion, nor to an interest, nor to a preconceived idea, nor to anything whatsoever, except to the facts themselves, because for it to submit to anything else would be the end of its existence.

Henri Poincaré (French mathematician and natural philosopher 1854-1912)

To Bengt Ablad and Enar Carlsson who introduced us into their world of knowledge, enthusiasm and wisdom, and greatly stimulated our eagerness to undertake this enterprise. Many thanks from both authors.

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