Arsenism is not uncommon in undeveloped areas of Asia having contaminated water sources.40,41 Diabetes, heart disease, many types of cancer and skin lesions are just some of the effects of chronic arsenic exposure. At present there is no treatment available to assist recovery after the source of arsenic has been removed.41 The interaction between dietary selenium and arsenic has been documented for some time.42 44 Work by Gailer has shown that selenium metabolites such as H2Se and glutathione react with arsenic in vivo to generate the seleno-bis(S-glutathionyl) arsinium ion [(GS)2AsSe]~ which can be excreted in bile.21 Recently, a study of farmers suffering from arsenism in Mongolia showed that selenium supplementation significantly improved skin lesions and liver func-tion.40,41 In addition, the arsenic concentrations in hair and blood of individuals reduced twofold more than in control groups.41 Although this trial was small, it certainly offers a potentially simple method to assist sufferers of arsenism.

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