Blistering Diseases in the Elderly

Blistering diseases in the elderly are a rare group of diseases mediated through the immune system, induced by drugs or arising from other primary systemic physiological aberrations. Pathogenetically, they are autoimmune diseases which affect the cutaneous and mucosal tissues. Treatment requires an arsenal of approaches, including localized and systemic therapies. Localized treatments involve care of the local area of the blister (topical care) through diverse means. Of those, crucial is soaking of the blister in an antiseptic solution. For that, the two major chemicals used are potassium permanganate and aluminum subacetate.54 Aluminum subacetate (a basic aluminum acetate solution) is used locally on the skin and mucous membranes as an astringent and plays the role of the topical antiseptic. Solutions of the same chemical are also used as a wet dressing in a number of other skin diseases.

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