Calcium Supplements Side Effects

Calcium supplementation has been extensively tested. Several large and long-term studies, using varying amounts of supplemental calcium, typically between 1000 and 2500mg/day, have provided meaningful evidence that this amount of calcium intake is safe. Gastrointestinal side effects of calcium supplements have been observed, usually at relatively high dosages.68,69 Some individuals may experience bloating or constipation when beginning calcium supplementation, and it has been reported in several clinical trials. In most cases bloating and constipation are temporary, as the body adjusts to the effects of the daily calcium supplement. Although calcium is better absorbed in an acid environment, only little acidity is necessary for calcium absorption.70 However, subjects with hypochloridia (lack of adequate HCl production in the stomach), including the very elderly, those on high doses of antiulcer medications, and individuals who have fasted, should take calcium carbonate with a meal since that is when it is most effectively absorbed.71

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