Cyclic Thiourea Derivatives

The rationale behind the development of boronated cyclic thiourea derivatives is that their boron-free analogues have the capacity for becoming incorporated into the polymeric structure of melanin through covalent bonding into melanin precursors, based on the enol form of the thiourea moiety.69 Tjarks and Gabel synthesized carborane-containing cyclic thioureas as well as the first dihydroxyl-

Figure 2.30 Boronated nitroimidazoles
Figure 2.31 Boronated thioureas

boryl-containing thiouracils.70 This compound showed greater tumor persistence than did BPA.70 Substantial synthetic work has been focused on the synthesis of c/oso-carboranylthiouracils.71 Representative structures are depicted in Figure 2.31.

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