FCGR2A Gene Polymorphism

Fc^RIIa is expressed on macrophages, neutrophils, dendritic cells, and some mast cells. The major Fc^RIIa receptor polymorphism is a single nucleotide change affecting amino acid position at 131, coding for either arginine (R131) or histidine (H131) (41). FCGR2A-H131 has a higher affinity for human IgG3. Functionally, phagocytes obtained from individuals with homozygous HH 131 of FCGR2A showed much more effective phagocytic activity compared with those with RR 131 of FCGR2A.

The FCGR2A gene contains a second polymorphic site. CA-to-GA mutation results in a glutamine or tryptophan at amino acid position 27 in the membrane distal Ig-like domain. However, this substitution does not affect the Fc^RIIa affinity for IgG (5,6).

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