FCGR3B Gene Polymorphism

Neutrophils are the only effector cells expressing the GPI-anchored FcyRIIIb. This Fcy receptor plays an important role in the uptake of immune complexes. FcyRIIIb bears the neutrophil antigen polymorphism in its membrane-distal Ig-like domain (41). A four amino acid substitution causes alleleic differences in receptor glycosylation resulting in two isoforms of FcyRIIIb, FcyRIIIb-NA1, and FcyRIIIb-NA2. It is known that FcyRIIIb-NA1 has a higher affinity for IgG1- and IgG3-opsonized particles and immune complexed IgG2 than does FcyRIIIb-NA2 (5,6).

The FCGR3B gene containes another polymorphism site at amino acid position 266 resulting in a substitution of asparatate to alanine. However, its functional relevance has not been demonstrated (6).

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