Market Segmentation

One cannot discuss an industry perspective on pharmacogenomics without addressing the traditional concern of segmenting the market for a given drug such that sales and revenues will be significantly decreased. This has implications for both investment and drug pricing, as the cost of developing and marketing a drug with a narrow target population may be similar to that of developing a "blockbuster" drug (53).

It has become clear within oncology, however, that not only can this approach be profitable (54), but developing drugs specifically targeting a genomic aberration that is understood from the outset can also result in significantly reduced development times and costs, as in the above-cited case of dasatinib.

Identification of patients who would not have otherwise qualified by virtue of a novel test, as has been the case for the use of imatinib in gastrointestinal stromal tumors that express a mutated KIT receptor, and increased treatment duration and compliance linked to prolongation of survival or efficacy in the adjuvant setting. In the final analysis, a significant clinical benefit can be expected to lead to higher adoption rates.

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