Measures of Anticancer Agent Response

Until recently, CEPH LCLs have represented an untapped resource for identifying heritable traits related to anticancer drug sensitivity. Cytotoxicity can be measured as cell growth inhibition using a short-term assay using a colorimetric such as alamarBlue, propidium iodide or MTT, to name a few (Fig. 1) (17,18,19). These assays focus on the ability of mitochondrial reduction of dye, rather than a direct measure of cytotoxicity. However, the dye-reduction approaches are very amenable to high-throughput assays. In addition, apoptosis can be measured using ELISA, flow cytometry, or similar approaches. Other phenotypes might include phosphorylation of enzymes, transport of known substrates, expression levels of genes, enzyme activity, protein levels or drug-induced DNA breaks (13,14,17,19,20,21).

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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