The Biochemical And Signaling Properties Of Egfr Mutants

Oncogenic mutations in genes such as Ras cause hyperactivation of the gene product, resulting in constitutive and dysregulated activity of the protein. This had been shown to be the case with the EGFRvIII mutant expressed in glioblastomas. Thus, upon identification of mutations in the kinase domain of EGFR, it was hypothesized that they would confer hyperactivation on the receptor. Indeed, EGFR kinase domain mutants exhibit enhanced EGF-stimulated autophosphorylation and activation of a subset of downstream effectors that mediate cellular survival signaling, namely, Stat3/5 and AKT (45, 55). Hyperactivation of these signaling pathways by mutant EGFRs is likely to drive the growth and survival of NSCLC cells harboring the mutations, thereby explaining their oncogenic role.

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10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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