The Fc7 Receptor Gene Polymorphism And In Vitro Data

Three major functionally relevant polymorphisms have been identified for the low-affinity Fc^R's: Fc^RIIa, Fc^RIIIa, and Fc^RIIIb. The Fc^RI (CD64) is a high-affinity Fc^R (5). The genes encoding Fc^Rs are located on chromosome 1q21-24 (Fig. 2). In this chapter, we focus on the polymorphisms of the low-affinity Fc^R's such as Fc^RIIa, Fc^RIIIa, and Fc^RIIIb. Each of the polymorphisms is located in the extracellular domain of Fc^R as shown in Fig. 2. The extracellular domain of Fc^R corresponds to the Fc binding portion of Fc^R, and affects the affinity to rituximab and other monoclonal antibodies (6).

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