Small-molecule inhibitors Oxindoles Semaxanib (SU-5416) SU-6668

Sunitinib (SU-11248) Quinoxalines

Vatalanib (PTK-787, ZK-222584) Anthranilamides

AAL-993 (ZK-260255) Quinazolines

Vandetanib (ZD-6474) AZD-2171 Indazoles

Axitinib (AG-013736) Staurosporine analogues Cephalon (CEP-7055) Monoclonal antibodies Bevacizumab PRO-001 Ribozymes

Angiozyme Small-molecule inhibitors

Suramin Small-molecule inhibitors 4-Anilinoquinazolines

Tandutinib (MLN-518, CT-53518) Staurosporine analogues: CEP-701 PKC-412 Small-molecule inhibitors ATP mimics

Imatinib (STI-571) Nilotinib (AMN-107) Tyrosine mimics Adaphostin ON-012380 Small-molecule inhibitors BMS-354825 SKI-606 AZD-0530

TABLE 9.1 (continued)




Serine- CDKs threonine kinases

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