Pharmacokinetics safety and residues

Although the data are not directly comparable, having been collected in different studies, it does appear that the Cmax resulting from a 200 |g kg-1 dose of ivermectin is dramatically reduced in red deer (15.3 ng ml-1 (Andrews et al, 1993); 15.8 ng ml-1 (Mackintosh et al., 1985)) relative to cattle (44 ng ml-1 (Fink and Porras, 1989)). A 400 |g kg-1 dose in red deer provides a higher Cmax (28.3 ng ml-1 (Andrews et al., 1993)), but one still dramatically less than that for cattle. Gogolewski et al. (1997a) found eprinomectin administered topically at five times the recommended dose of 500 | g kg-1 to be safe in red deer.

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