Ivermectin is used frequently as a nematocide in snakes at a dose of 200 |ig kg-1 administered either orally or by injection. This dose is considered to be safe in most species of snakes, and corn snakes (Elapha guttata) have tolerated doses of 1000 |g kg-1 without apparent adverse effects (Teare and Bush, 1983). However, there are anecdotal reports of ivermectin toxicity in some Australian snakes (Jacobson, 1993). Ivermectin also has been used successfully as an acaricide in many species of snakes. When administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly at a dose of 200-400 |g kg-1, ivermectin was both safe and effective at eliminating mite (Ophionyssus spp.) and tick infestations in snakes (Lawrence, 1984; Clyde, 1996). When treating Ophionyssus spp., it is recommended that the ivermectin dose be repeated in 14 days, that all snakes and lizards in a collection be treated simultaneously, and that measures be taken to cleanse the environment (Clyde, 1996).

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