drug. Chelation of zinc and other trace metals by the drug could have resulted in the increased absorption from the intestinal lumen.

Desferrioxamine (as the mesylate) is used as a drug to sequester iron in iron poisoning or chronic iron overload; penicillamine is similarly used to aid the elimination of copper in Wilson disease. Chelation is also used for the safe delivery of toxic ions such as gadolinium (Gd3+), which is used as a magnetic resonance imaging enhancing agent. One such preparation is gadobenic acid (XI) which is a gadolinium-BOPTA (XIa) octodentate chelate.

10.6 Other complexes

Molecular complexes of many types may be observed in systems containing two or more drug molecules. Generally, association follows from attractive interactions (hydrophobic, electrostatic or charge-transfer interactions) between two molecules. In the charge transfer system one component is usually an aromatic compound; the second may be a saturated moiety containing a long electron pair (donor Structure X Suggested form of chelate of zinc-diiodo- atom) or a weakly acidic hydrogen (acceptor hydroxyquinolone

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