Structure VII Repeating sequence of heparin

Structure VII Repeating sequence of heparin

The two types of chondroitin (chondroitin 4-sulfate and 6-sulfate) differ from hyaluronic acid by replacement of the ^-acetylgluco-samine with sulfated ^-acetylgalactosamine. As with hyaluronic acid, helices of varying degrees of compactness are found. The chondroitin and dermatan sulfate chains are of lower molecular weight (about 500 000) than those of hyaluronate and occur in vivo covalently linked to a protein core.

Some glycoproteins, particularly those with numerous, generally distributed, oligosaccha-ride side-chains, are able to form dispersions with 'stringy' characteristics, as in nasal mucus or salivary discharges. The rheological implications of interactions between mucus and drugs have been studied. As yet there is no coherent view as to what the ideal mucolytic

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