Pvp 11500

Percentage w/v of PVP

Figure 8.21 The influence of PVP 11 500 and PVP 40 000 on the aqueous solubility of testosterone at 37°C.

Reproduced from A. Hoelgaard and N. Muller, Arch. Pharm. Chem., 3, 34 (1975).

molecular weight: the comparable value for Macrogol 1540 is only 30%. They are used as solvents for drugs such as hydrocortisone. The macrogols are incompatible with phenols and can reduce the antimicrobial activity of other preservatives. Higher molecular weight PEGs

HO(CH2CH2O)„H Structure XV Polyoxyethylene glycol are more effective on a molecular basis as complexing agents. Up to four phenol molecules bind to each PEG molecule; the complex formed is of the donor-acceptor type. The semisolid and waxy members of the series may be used as suppository bases; in such cases their potential to interact with medicaments must be borne in mind.

Use of polyoxyethylene glycols, and other hydrophilic polymers, in high concentrations

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