Plasma Hb concentration

Free Hb shows a half-life of about 60min (Fig. 4.1). A greater circulation time is achieved following polymerization (8:1 glut:Hb). Ultrafiltration does not increase the retention time since ultrafiltration through 100 kDa cut off membranes does not remove any significant fraction of tetrameric Hb. Greater polymerization (16:1 glut:Hb)

Fig. 4.1. Plasma circulation half-life in rats of (a) CAT (b) CAT (c) Hb in rats after I.V. injection of indicated solutions (300 mg Hb/kg). Data of each point on the chart obtained from samples collected from 3 separate animals. (D'Agnillo & Chang 1998a.)

decreases the fraction of free Hb molecules, resulting in a further increase in circulation time.

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