Methods In The Life Sciences

Gerald D. Fasman - Advisory Editor Brandeis University

Series Overview

Methods in Biochemistry John Hershey

Department of Biological Chemistry University of California

Cellular and Molecular Neuropharmacology Joan M. Lakoski Department of Pharmacology Penn State University

Research Methods for Inbred Laboratory Mice John P. Sundberg

The Jackson Laboratory Bar Harbor, Maine

Methods in Neuroscience

Sidney A. Simon Joseph M. Corless

Department of Neurobiology Department of Cell Biology,

Duke University Neurobiology and Ophthalmology

Duke University

Methods in Pharmacology

John H. McNeill

Professor and Dean

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science

The University of British Columbia

Methods in Signal Transduction Joseph Eichberg, Jr.

Department of Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences University of Houston

Methods in Toxicology Edward J. Massaro Senior Research Scientist

National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

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