Burning Mouth Syndrome An Update

Source: JADA. Journal of the American Dental Association. 126(7): 842-853. July 1995.

Contact: Available from ADA (American Dental Association) Publishing Company. 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Ill 60611. (312) 440-2867.

Summary: This article provides an overview of burning mouth syndrome (BMS), a chronic oral-facial pain condition that affects many U.S. adults. The authors provide an update on what is known about the epidemiology, etiology, and treatment of BMS. Specific topics include the clinical presentation of BMS; statistics on the incidence and prevalence of BMS; oral disorders that can result in BMS, such as denture allergy, salivary dysfunction, or taste disturbances; systemic conditions that can result in BMS, such as hematological disorders, nutritional disorders, anemias, central nervous system disorders, psychological disorders, diabetes mellitus, or Sjogren's syndrome; and treatment options, including the use of antidepressants and benzodiazepines. The authors conclude that the dental profession should formulate standardized symptom and diagnostic criteria so that multidisciplinary investigations can identify effective and reliable treatment strategies. 2 figures. 2 tables. 65 references. (AA-M).

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