Management of the Psychotic Patient

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Source: Oral and Maxillofacial Clinics of North America. 10(3): 457-464. August 1998.

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Summary: This article reviews the pharmacologic management of the psychotic patient, to familiarize oral and maxillofacial surgeons with the care of these patients. The author notes that the trend to outpatient care extends to the psychiatric patient and more health care providers will be faced with the care of this patient population. The author reviews potential drug interactions and clinical considerations for patients already under maintenance therapy. The article covers antipsychotic agents, mood disorders, HCAs (including tricyclic drugs), MAOIs (derivatives of hydrazine or amphetamine), SSRIs (antidepressants), bipolar disorder, and antianxiety agents, specifically benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and buspirone. The emphasis in each section is on pharmacodynamics, drug interactions, and anesthetic concerns. 3 tables. 25 references.

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