Branching Enzyme

This enzyme [EC] (also known as 1,4-a-glucan branching enzyme, glycogen branching enzyme, amylo-(1,4^1,6)transglucosidase, and amylo-(1,4^1,6)trans-glycosylase) catalyzes the formation of 1,6-glucosidic linkages of glycogen by transferring a segment of a 1,4-a-glucan to a C6 hydroxyl of a similar glucan chain. The enzyme also converts amylose into amylopectin. The actual name given to the enzyme depends upon the product. If the product is glycogen, then glycogen branching enzyme should be used. If the product is amylopectin, then amylopectin branching enzyme is used. The latter has frequently been termed Q-enzyme.

O. Nelson & D. Pan (1995) Ann. Rev. Plant Physiol. Plant Mol. Biol. 46, 475.

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