Specific Activity

The in vitro biological activity of rFIX was examined using a one-stage clotting assay with factor-IX-deficient plasma and activated partial thromboplastin reagent. The average specific activity of rFIX (260 IU/mg) in this study was determined to be higher than that observed for high-purity pdFIX-1 (230 IU/mg). The activity difference was consistent with the presence of an inactive, HMW material in the plasma-derived preparation, which was identified as noncovalently aggregated factor IX. Other commercially available pdFIX preparations were examined in this study for clotting activity as well and showed specific activities lower than those for rFIX. The observed lower specific activities of plasma-derived products reflected the amount of HMW material present, as determined by size-exclusion chromatography and SDS-PAGE. These results have not been shown to have clinical significance.

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