Effects On Lipoprotein Levels

The reduction in LDL-C by resins is dose-dependent. Doses of 8—12 g of cholestyramine or 10—15 g of colestipol are associated with 12—18% reductions in LDL-C. Maximal doses (24 g of cholestyramine, 30 g of colestipol) may reduce LDL-C by as much as 25%, but will cause GI side effects that are poorly tolerated by most patients. One to two weeks is sufficient to attain maximal LDL-C reduction by a given resin dose. In patients with normal triglyceride levels, triglycerides may increase transiently and then return to baseline. HDL-C levels increase 4—5%. Statins plus resins or niacin plus resins can reduce LDL-C by as much as 40-60%. Colesevelam, in doses of 3-3.75 g, reduces LDL-C levels by 9-19%.

Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

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