Dj: SKF38393 D2: Bromocriptine D3: 7-OH-DPAT a1A: NE > EPI a2A: Oxymetazoline b1: EPI = NE b2: EPI >> NE b3: NE > EPI 5-HT1A: 8-OH-DPAT 5-ht1b: CP93129 5-HT1D: LY694247 a-Me-5-HT, DOB

5-HT4: BIMUS; RS67506; renzapride

IR: classical fast excitatory transmission via cation channels

GPCR: modulatory M1, M3: G , TIP3/Ca2+ M2, M4: G' icAMP

GCPR: G /11coupled GCPR: G l/o coupled

GPCR: Gs coupled

GPCR: Gs/Gi/o coupled GPCR: Gis/o cio/oupled

GPCR: Gi/11 coupled

IR: classical fast excitatory transmission via cation channels GPCR: 5-HT467 Gs coupled 5-HT5, Gs coupled?



M1: Pirenzepine M2: Methoctramine M3: Hexahydrosiladifenidol M4: Tropicamide D1: SCH23390 D2: Sulpiride, domperidone WB4101 a2AC: Yohimbine a2B, a2C: Prazosin

Atenolol b2: Butoxamine b3: BRL 37344 5-3HT1A: WAY101135 5-HT1D GR127935

LY53857; ritanserin;

mesulergine; ketanserin Tropisteron: ondansetron; granisetron

5-HT4: GR113808; SB204070

Histamine — Hj 2-Pyiidylethylamine

2-Me-histamine H, Methylhistamine;

dimaprit, impromadine 11. H ,: R- a-Me-histamine

H4 Imetit, clobenpropit

Oxytocin Tachykinins

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