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ABBREVIATIONS: Epi, epinephrine; NE, norepinephrine; Iso, isoproterenol; GI, gastrointestinal; GU, genitourinary. *This table provides examples of drugs that act on adrenergic receptors and of the location of subtypes of adrenergic receptors.

*At least three subtypes each of a1 and a2 adrenergic receptors are known, but distinctions in their mechanisms of action have not been clearly defined.

*In some species (e.g., rat), metabolic responses in the liver are mediated by a1 adrenergic receptors, whereas in others (e.g., dog) b2 adrenergic receptors are predominantly involved. Both types of receptors appear to contribute to responses in human beings.

§Metabolic responses in adipocytes and certain other tissues with atypical pharmacological characteristics may be mediated by this subtype of receptor. Most b adrenergic receptor antagonists (including propranolol) do not block these responses.

Table 6-7

Adrenergic Receptors and Their Effector Systems

Adrenergic Receptor

a1 Subtypes a2 Subtypes

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