FIGURE 63-3 Modified from Chien DS et al.: Corneal and conjuctival/scleral penetration of p-aminoclonidine, AGN

190342, and clonidine in rabbit eyes. Curr Eye Res 9:1051-1059, 1990. Copyright 1990 by Informa Healthcare -Journals. Reproduced with permission of Informa Healthcare via Copyright Clearance Center.

FIGURE 63-4B Adapted with permission from Riordan-Eva P, Tabbara KF: Anatomy and embryology of the eye. In: General Ophthalmology, 13th ed. D Vaughan, T Asbury, P Riordan-Eva (eds). Appleton & Lange, Stamford, CT, 1992.

TABLE 64-1 and TABLE 64-2 Reproduced from Watson WA et al.: 2003 annual report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers Toxic Exposure Surveillance System. Am J Emerg Med 22:335-404, 2004. Copyright 2004 with permission from Elsevier.

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