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Fat cells1

Salivary glands Nasopharyngeal glands Pineal

Posterior pituitary

Autonomic nerve endings Sympathetic terminals Autoreceptor Heteroreceptor Parasympathetic terminal Autoreceptor Heteroreceptor

Lipolysis+++; (thermogenesis) Inhibition of lipolysis

K+ and water secretion+

Melatonin synthesis Vasopressin secretion

Inhibition of NE release

Inhibition of ACh release

K+ and water secretion+++ Secretion++

Inhibition of NE release Inhibition of ACh release m3, m2 m3, m2

-"Uterine responses depend on stages of menstrual cycle, amount of circulating estrogen and progesterone, and other factors. kPalms of hands and some other sites ("adrenergic sweating").

lThere is significant variation among species in the receptor types that mediate certain metabolic responses. All three b adrenergic receptors have been found in human fat cells. Activation of adrenergic receptors produces a vigorous thermogenic response as well as lipolysis. The significance is unclear. Activation of b adrenergic receptors also inhibits leptin release from adipose tissue. ADH, antidiuretic hormone, arginine vasopressin; AV, atrioventricular; AP, action potential.

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