H2N^sy Nx


2 och3

*T, tablet; C, capsule; O, oral suspension; I, injection.

^Cefoxitin, a cephamycin, has a —OCH3 group at position 7 of cephem nucleus. ^Cefuroxime axctil is the acetyloxyethyl ester of cefuroxime.

^Loracarbef, a carbacephem, has a carbon instead of sulfur at position 1 of cephem nucleus. ^Cefpodoxime proxetil has a —COOCH(CH3)OCOOCH(CH3)2 group at position 4 of cephem nucleus.


centa and are found in high concentrations in synovial and pericardial fluids. Penetration into the aqueous humor of the eye is relatively good after systemic administration of third-generation agents, but penetration into the vitreous humor is poor. Concentrations sufficient for therapy of ocular infections owing to gram-positive and certain gram-negative microorganisms likely can be achieved after systemic administration. Concentrations in bile usually are high, especially with cef-operazone and cefpiramide.

Specific Agents

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