abbreviations: AUC, area under the plasma concentration-time curve; T, increase, decrease; no change; NR, not reported.

^Reported mean change in the AUC of the standard dose of the affected drug by the standard dose of the affecting drug; studies using modified dosing regimens were dose-normalized. ^Parameters reported for the saquinavir soft-gel capsule formulation. ^Lopinavir is only available in a coformulation with ritonavir.

§This represents the impact of additional ritonavir (100 mg bid) on the AUC of lopinavir in the coformulation of 400 mg lopinavir with 100 mg ritonavir bid.

warning, administration of the tipranavir/ritonavir combination has been associated with hepatitis and hepatic decompensation, including fatalities, and special vigilance is indicated in patients with chronic hepatitis B or C coinfection.

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