Perhaps there was once a time when most of pharmacological knowledge could fit into a relatively small volume, but that time has surely passed. Even as old knowledge has been pared, the addition of new knowledge has caused pharmacology textbooks to expand. Thanks to aggressive editing, the 11th edition of Goodman & Oilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics is 5% shorter than its predecessor, yet the volume still weighs 4 kg. It's a wonderful book but clearly too heavy to carry around. Hence, this shorter, more portable version, Goodman & Oilman's Manual of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. The editors hope that this Manual, will affordably provide the essentials of medical pharmacology to a wide audience. The format of the parent text has been retained but the editors have tried to focus on core material, happy in the knowledge that the full text of the 11th edition, with its historical aspects, many chemical and clinical details, additional figures, and references, is available in print as well as online (at, where updates are also published.

The editors of this volume thank the contributors and editors of the 11th edition of Goodman & Gilman's, which formed the basis of this manual. We are grateful to our editors at McGraw-Hill, James Shanahan and Christie Naglieri, to project manger Arushi Chawla, and to the long line of contributors and editors who have worked on Goodman & Oilman's since its original publication in 1941. It is a tribute to Alfred Gilman and Louis Goodman that their book is alive and vigorous after 66 years.

Laurence Brunton San Diego, CA July 1, 2007

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