Therapeutic Uses

Phentolamine (regitine) can be used in short-term control of hypertension in patients with pheochromocytoma. Rapid infusions of phentolamine may cause severe hypotension, so the drug should be administered cautiously. Phentolamine also may be useful to relieve pseudo-obstruction of the bowel in patients with pheochromocytoma; this condition may result from the inhibitory effects of catecholamines on intestinal smooth muscle. Phentolamine has been used locally to prevent dermal necrosis after the inadvertent extravasation of an a receptor agonist. The drug also may be useful for the treatment of hypertensive crises that follow the abrupt withdrawal of cloni-dine or that may result from the ingestion of tyramine-containing foods during the use of nonse-lective MAO inhibitors. Phentolamine administered buccally, orally, or by intracavernous injection into the penis may have efficacy in some men with sexual dysfunction.

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