<10 s Weeks

36 h

5-10 min

120 min

6-12 mg (IV only) 800-1600 mg/day X 2-4 weeks (IV: 100-300 mg)

1 mg over 12-24 h

1 mg (IV) over 10 min; may repeat once 10 min later 3-4 mg/kg over 20-30 min (IV)

100-400 mg/day

0.125-0.375 mg q24h 0.05-0.3 mg q24h 5-15 mg/h (IV) 30-90 mg q6h 120-300 mg q24tf

100-200 mg q6h 200-400 mg q12h

50-200 mg q12h

100-300 mg q8h 200-300 mg q8h 1-4 mg/min (IV) 250-750 mg q3h 500-1000 mg qóh


Pharmacokinetic Characteristics and Doses of Antiarrhythmic Drugs (Continued)


Protein Binding >80%

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