Comparative NAA and NAAG Expression in Hippocampus

NAA was much more widely distributed than NAAG in hippocampus, as was the case in neocortex (Figures 2A, B). NAAG staining was often opaque in the cytoplasm (Figure 2B), and punctate in processes such as dendrites and axons (Figure 2D, arrowheads). NAA appeared both diffusely in cytoplasm, and was also expressed in heavily-stained puncta within neurons (Figures 2A, C). Large, NAA-IR inclusions were also observed in many hippocampal pyramidal neurons (Figure 2C, arrowheads), as was the case in neocortical pyramidal neurons. NAAG-IR was restricted to scattered large neurons in the pyramidal cell layer, whereas NAA-IR was present in all pyramidal cells, and was moderate to strong in granule cells. No NAAG-IR was observed in the granule cell layers, but many cells in the polymorph layer expressed moderate to high levels of NAAG.

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