L-Aspartate N-acetyltransferase, 49

Lateral geniculate nucleus of, 296

Laurylmaltoside, 54-55

LCModel see Linear combination model

Leak pathways, 117-118

Levels of NAA in CNS, 20

Levels of NAAG in CNS, 18

Level of aspartoacylase activity, 34

Lineage specific marker gene expressions, 180

Linear combination model, 193, 220, 226

Lipid synthesis study with ASPA knockout mouse, 150 Lipogenesis in myelination, 27 Literature review of human brain NAA

concentrations, 194 LM see Laurylmaltoside LMNs see Lower motor neurons Localization of immunohistochemical NAA, 7-8 NAAG, 7-8 Longitudinal case studies in ALS, 282 Lower motor neurons, 279

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