NAAG Expression in Rhesus Monkey Motor Cortex

NAAG expression in Rhesus monkey motor cortex was more extensive than observed in the rat (Figure 6A). In particular, most cortical pyramidal cells in the Rhesus monkey were moderately to strongly stained, whereas in the rat, these cells were either unstained, or faintly stained.11 NAAG-containing small neurons were relatively numerous in layer III of motor cortex, and the dendritic shafts of motor neurons could be seen coursing through this layer (Figure 6B). Medium and large motor neurons in layer V were moderately to strongly stained for NAAG (Figure 6 C). Many dendritic and axonal elements were immunoreactive for NAAG in layer V, including probable NAAG-containing synaptic contacts on apical motor neuron dendrites. Numerous NAAG-IR neurons and fibers were observed in layer 6b of motor cortex, including axons entering the corpus callosum (Figure 6D).

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