3.1. Screening for culture collection strains capable of ASS primary biodégradation

Searching for ASS biodegraders among culture collection strains was done by systematic screening of 85 strains for the ability of DHSS primary biodégradation. Screening test showed that DHSS degraders are frequent among bacteria belonging to the genera Bacillus, Rhodococcus, Streptomyces and Nocardiae. DHSS degradability was an inherent property of twenty per cent of incidentally chosen culture collection strains (Table 1).

Table 1

The incidence of DHSS biodegraders among culture collection strains. The cultures harvested from nutrient agar slants were cultivated in liquid mineral media with 200 mg/1 DHSS under aeration at 28°C or 37°C. Capability of DHSS primary biodégradation of the strain was estimated as a full or a partial loss of methylene blue active substances from medium after 10 day cultivation.

Genus Number of tested strains Number of DHSS degraders


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