Liriope Root is the dried root tuber of Liriope a picat a (Thunb, ) Lour. var. proiifem Y. T. Ma or Liriope museah (Desne) Baily (Fam, Liliaceae),

Action To tiurtsh yin and promote the production of body fluid, to moisten the lung, and to ease the raind. Indications Dry cough, phthisical cough ; thirst due to impairment of body fluid; fid-getness and insomnia; diabetes caused hy internai heat ; constipation. Dosage 9—,13g.


Vietnamese Sophora Root


^^^M^mm^m Sophora tonk-inensis Gapnep. Wi^flt&lidS.

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Vietnamese Sophora Root is the dried root and rhizome of Sophora tonkinemis Gapnep. (lam. Leguminosae). Action To remove toxic heat i promote the subsidence of swelling, and soothe the sore throat.

Indications Sore throat and painful swelling of the gums due to accumulation of taxic heat. Dosage 3—9g.



Galaoga Resurrect ionlily Rhizome RHIZOMA KAEMPFERIAE

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