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Chinese Magnolia Ving Fruit is the dried ripe fruit of Schisandra chinensis (Turcz, ) Basil, or Schisandra sphenanthera Rehd. et Wils. (Fem. Magooiiaceae). 7he former is known as *BeiWuweizi" (Northern Mag-noliavine Fruit) and the latter is known as "Nan Wuweizi" (Southern Magnoliavine Fruit).

Action To arrest discharges, relenish git promote fluid secretion, tonify the kidney, and induce sedation.

Indications Chronic cough and asthma; nocturnal emission, spermatorrheat enuresis, frequent urination; protracted diarrhea! spontaneous sweating, night sweating; impairment of body fluid with thirst,


Chinese Magnoliavine Fruit


sbnrtn«" ai brtaih and it---h!.- pulvci din bclw C»ll*«f by irilicmal heali palpitaiMn nnd insoriinia. Dosas«: I. - -¡n.

sbnrtn«" ai brtaih and it---h!.- pulvci din bclw C»ll*«f by irilicmal heali palpitaiMn nnd insoriinia. Dosas«: I. - -¡n.

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Wub«zi C hinese Gall galla chine nsis

£ Ai *J w 14 H & it +- Rhu» ch nensis Mill. . ff it !<j Khu> poikninii Maxim, di il H tir Rhu» punjabtiwr» Stew, varr j-irvtca < t)k-Is > Rehd, <?i W.I*. Iff t MA«, is lb i£ffff-fcf Mclaphis chinensis illt-ll) Bakvr if't «e if« Mni. ft # »it fa- «


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2. 5 —Scm, IS 1. 5—4ctn„ ^H^iS i ^J* 0- 2—0. 3cm, iWH^fe^E

1 Chinese Gall is the gall produced mainly by parasitic aphid® of Melaphis chtnensh (Bel!) Baker on the leaf of Rhus ckinensts Mill, t Rhus potantnii Maxim, or Rhux punjabensis Stew. var. sinica (Diels) Re' hd. et Wiis. (Fam, Anacardiaceae). According to its form the drug is divided into ! "Dubei* and "Jiaobei". ; Action To remove heat from the lung, to arrest cough, diarrhea, excessive sweating. bleeding and exudation from, sores. Indications Cough and expectoration due i to heat in the lung; chronic cough, chronic dysentery of diarrhea, night sweating, hematoehem, hemorrhoidal bleeding, traumatic bleeding, abscess, sores and skin lesions with exudation; diabetes. 5 Usage and (tosage 3 — 6g t appropriate ; quantity for external use.

i Cheqia nz; Plantain Seed SEMEN PLANTAGINIS

Plantago asiatica L. SET^ir Plantago depressa Willd.

if. FifiiWt hfi fife, mnjfoixfe.

2. 5 —Scm, IS 1. 5—4ctn„ ^H^iS i ^J* 0- 2—0. 3cm, iWH^fe^E

Cheqiancao Plantain Herb HERBA PLANTAGINIS

Plantago asiatica L. . "KT^tîT Platltago depressa Willd. iftTHSI^.


ctt*a«4±*:> m. mmm. «A, JBï*»«^. * ttjÉLiajfl., îffl

Plantain Herb is the dried herb of Plantago asiatka L. or Plantago depressa Willd. (Fam. Flantaginaceae). Action To remove heat to induce diurèses, to promote expectoration, to reduce heat in blood and to counteract toxicity. Indications Edema with oliguria« urinary infection with difficult painful urination) diarrhea caused by summer-damp t cough caused by phlegm-heat s spitting of blood, epistaxis t carbuncles and sores. Usage nod dosa«« 9~30g; or 30~-6C>g of the fresh herb to be decocted or to be pounded to obtain the juice for oral administration) for external use, appropriate quantity of the fresh herb to be pounded into paste and applied topically.

082 Taizishen

Heterophylly Falsestarworl Root RADIX PSEUOOSTELLARiAE

jtrE+miPseudostel-laria heterophylla (Miq. ) Pax ex Pax et Hoffin. WflMMR.

Cffi^/M) 9—30g„ Heterophylly Falsestarwort Root is the dried tuber of Pseadostellaria heteropkylla (Miq,) Pax en Pax et Hoffm. (Fant. Caryophyllaceae ).

Action To replenish qi and invigorate the spleen function, and to promote fluid secretion and moisten the lung. Indications I-Iypofunction of the spleen with lassitude and anorexia s debility and deficiency of qi and yin marked by spontaneous sweating and thirst during convalescence dry cough due to dryness of the lung. Dosage 9—30g.

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Huajuhong Fummelo Peel


«»«»ItfcfllWI* Citrus grandis ' Tomentosa' S tt Citrus grandis CL. ) Osbeck ÎftijÇ^^àêiSJ®;

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