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Cochinchina Momordica Seed ¡s the dried ripe seed of Momordica cochinckinensis (Lour. ) Spreitg. (Fam. Cucurbitaceae). Action To promote the subsidence of nociillation and swelling, combat poisons and cure sores.

Indications Sores and inflammatory swelling, mastitis, scrofula, hemorrhoids, anal fistula, chronic eczema, neurodermatitis, scald

Usage and dosage 0. 1. ¡¡g for oral administration; appropriate quantity to be ground into powder and mixed with oil or vinegar for topical application.

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Walengii Area Shell CONCHA ARCAE

^tfa^filf^-^i^^&itf Area subcrenata Lischke. Area granosa Linnaeus

Area inflata Reeve Jit*.

CMiMH&'etti 51*2 it. SW, M m, we««-^*. ijTgfidv. n

MMs&H&ft, «SMi»» 30-34 Ig-g-tffif 50ft, Sifgftf: M««

i^-SfcttW 42-48 jfe. SWSiSTf.


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9— i5g, fiitit. Area Shell is ihe shell of Area subcrenata Lischke. /1/va granosa Linnaeus or /5r<-j3 >nfiat a Reeve (Fam, Arcidae). Action To eliminate phlegm. to remove hlaaii stasis. to soften hard masses and dis solve lumps, and to relieve gastric pain by reducing acid.

Indications Retentio of sticky phlegm difficult to expectorate; goitre, scrofula, masses hi the abdomen; gastric pain with acid regurgitation.

Usage and dosage 9— ljg. to be decocted before other ingredients.


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Wangbuliuxing Cowberto Seed SEMEN VACCARIAE

Vaccaria segetalis (Neck, ) Garcke S<|f#il ftf-.

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Cowherb Seed is the dried ripe seed of Vaccaria segetalis (N«;t) (Fam, Caryophyl-laceae >. j

Action To promote the menstrual flow and the flow of milk, and to cause the subsidence of swelling.

Indications Galactostasis. amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, mastitis with swelling and pain of the breast. Dosage 4-5—9g,

Precaution Used with caution in pregnancy.

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Slenderstyle Acanthnpanax Bark


thopanax gracilistylus W. W. Smith i^J (

M. ï « g "t & l :: fi 1: 'i. . fi- fc fi î : j «»»satttJB.^siEifWi.aT |

i fM. J&BHfJiÊ, ! 5 — ÏScm. Kfio. 4-1. 4cm. Jf«T0. 2

Slenderstyle Acamhopanax Bark is (he dried root bark of Acanlhopana.r gratilisty-lus W. W. Smith (Fam. Araliaceae). Action To relieve rheumatic conditions, and tonify the Liver and the kinUney* and strengthen the tendons and bones. Indications Rheumatic or rheumatoid arthralgia with flaccidity of extremities! retarded walking and lack of strength in chil dren ; edema. Dosage 4. 5~-9g.

Schisandra chinensis (Turcz, ) Baill.

-p Schisandra sphenanthera Rehd. et

ssii&feät&äm. m)m±. • if fr nun«, mmmmm, iitlfrÖÜM. ft. tt&AifeiH-Bt|if|il9TS- Höfe; ««'C.'Ä^tt. ^mfltJÄ^;® ffc »Bis^afe. ©

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