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Jack Beao is the dried ripe seed of Canavalia glad iota (Jacg, ) DC. (Fam. Leguminosae).

Action To wann the stomach and check its upward adverse movement. Indications Hiccup and vomiting of deficiency-cold type. Csagc and do&tge 4. 5-—9g.

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Sanchi is the dried rooi o( Pana:r notogin-seng (Burk). F. H. Chen (Fam, Arali-aceae).

Action To eliminate blood stasis, arrest bleeding, cause subsidence of swelling and alleviate pain.

Indications Hemoptysis, hematemesis, epistaxis, hematochezia, abnormal uterine bleed!ng, traumatic bleeding s pricking pain in the chest and abdomen, traumatic swelling and pain.

Usage and dosage 3 — 3g; to be ground into powder and taken with water; appropriate quantity for external use. Precaution Used with caution in preg-


Chinese Lizardtail Rhizome or Herb RHIZOMA SAURURI HERB A SAURURI

Saururus chinensis (Lour. ) Baill. ff) T'^iflli?

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