Wife. BTMi

Great Burdock Achene is the dried ripe fruit of Arctium lappa L. (Fam, Composi-tae).

Action To dispel -wind-heat and relieve cough, to promote eruption, to counteract toxicity, and to soothe sore throat. Indications Cough and expectation in influenza or upper respiratory infection > measles s rubella f sore throat t mumps; erysipelas, carbuncles and sores. Dosage 6~12g.



^SJj&ftltlSl + J® Achyranthes bidentata Bl.

50cm, Jg ft nj" & 90cm, J[ g 0. 4 — lcmo «B^Mfe^^fe- *T«ffll8l wAffcHMSit:. m&BUL&nffi.® Mia*. «

tttfillU JaLH3 »

iKMMMI. fff fwotofrth Achyranthes Root is the dried roo of Achyrantes btdentata B1 {Fam. Ama-ranthaceae).

Action To replenish the liver and the kidney . to strengthen the tendons and bones, to eliminate blood stasis and stimulate menstrual discharge, and to lead the blood to flow downward.

Indications Soreness of the lumbar and knee joints with weakness in the legs* a tnenorrhea with mass formation in the abdomens dizziness due to hyperactivity fo the liver.

Precaution Used with caution in pregnancy.

088 ft-m


Large trifoliolious Bug banc Rhizome


# r«i ft £ ft' ft tö tl * »t fH ff Cimi j cifuga heracleifolia Kom. , Ä 3c f\~ ! Cimicifuga dahurica (Turcz. ) Maxim.

M fl-Jflc Cimicifuga foetida L. WfißM !

mummx^nftrnt j ffil^ffltt, WBIiPMfcfcSStlK. I

Largetriioliolious Bugbane Rhizome is the dried rhizome of Cimicifuga heracläfolia Kom. . Cimicifuga dahurica ( Turcz. > Maxim, or Cimicifuga foetida L, (Fam. Ranuncuiaceae),

Action To induce perspiration and promote eruption, to remove toxic heat, and to cure drooping and ptosis. Indications Headache caused by uind-heat, toothache, ulcers in the mouth, sore throat ; measles with inadequate eruption and other eruptive febrile disease; prolapse of the rectum or the uterus. Dosagt 3 —9g.


Wenyujln Concise Rhizome


Curcuma J wenyujin Y. H. Chen et C. Ling "f wiitttt. :

Jftffi.MNNMft.ft&Wff.illire«. ;

Wenyujin Concise Rhizome is the dried rhi- j zome oI Curcuma wenyujin Y, H, Chen et j

C, Ling (Fam. Zingberaceae).

Action To eliminate blood stasis. promote i the flow of qi, stimulate the menstrua] dis- J

charge and relieve pain. j

Indications Amenorrhea and dysmenor- jj rhea due to blood stasisi pricking pain in |

the chest and hypochondriac regions (

arthralgia, i

Precaution Used with caution in preg- j nancy. >

ai % W fi Lindera aggre-

090 Wuyao

Combined Spicebush Root RADIX LINDERAE

ai % W fi Lindera aggre-

; Zaocys dhum-

I Combined Spicebush Root is the root tuber

' of Under a aggregata (Sims) Kosterm.

J Ac(i#n To smooth the flow of qi and re-

| lieve pain, and to warm and tonify the kid-

j ney and the urinary bladder, j Indication Distending pain in the chest

J and abdomen accompanied by dyspnea;

enuresis and frequency of urination due to j hypofunction of the urinary bladder i herni-

j a; dysmenorrhea.

09i j Wushaoshe Black Snake


; Zaocys dhum-

«^tftj&ft&ff.Jitt^aA.tfiir ' fttt&.Mtt&ftHSittftffHK* ft 4

is^fistawtt. jBt^gw&i&fsms 0N#juii*jy.itaft«*ft£&. m&

Black Snake is the dried body oi Zaocys dhumnades (Cantor) (Fam. Colubridae). Action To dispel wind, remove obstruction of the collaterasl, and relieve spasms and convulsions.

Indications Chronic rheumatiod arthritis with numbness and ankylosis! hemiplegia in stroke) convulsion, tetanus, leprosy, scabies, scrofula with suppuration. Dosage 9~12g.



Pf-Sife, PttfjjglSiftW 2 IS


Smoke Plum is the dried almost ripe fruit of Prunus munit ( Sieb. ) Sieb. et Zucc. (Fam. Rosaceae).

Action To arrest persistent cough. to relieve diarrhea by astringing the intestines, to promote the production of body fluid, and to relieve colic caused by ascaris. Indications Persistent cough in deficiency

.?vnci'owfs 0/ rte lung 1 chronic dysentery and diarrhea; thirst in consumptive discas-esj colic and vomiting caused by ascarisf biliary ascariasis. Dosage 6 —12g.

Dans hen Dans hen Root


7f:DnB Salvia milcior-

ctt«*iâiÊ-iâ±ÉÉîD s. mm. tt^Jh M. Willis. *4>»«. mtrb* m. swiä. «mm*.

CfflSfe^fflJij 9~15g.

Danshen Root is the dried root and rhizome of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge. ( Fam. Labia tae).

Action To remove blood stasis and relieve pain, to promote the flow of blood and stimulate menstrual discharge. and to ease the mind.

Indications Menstrual disorders • amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea: mass formation in the abdomen i pricking pain in the chest and abdomen, pain in acute arthritis and subcutaneous infections! fidgets and insomnia! hepatosplenomegaly i angina pectoris. Dosage 9--15g.

Precaution Incompatible with Rhizoma et Radix Veratri.

Yuejihua |

Chinese Rose Flower


iSiitfl^S®!^^ Rosa chinen- [ sis Jacq. ¡Sft^iSiii.


Chinese Rose Flower is the dried flower of Rosa chirtensis Jacq. (Fam. Rosaceae). Action To promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation. Indications Menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea.

Huomaren Hemp Seed SE MEW CANNABIS

j i Cannabis sativa

: jiJtitrft.

Hemp Seed is the dried ripe seed of Cannait s saliva L. (Fam, Moraeeae). Action To cause taxation. Indications Constipation due to deficiency of biood and inrestinal fluid. Dosage 9 — 15«.

096 ES



ii^WlWittBtffiW:^ W 1 StfiJfci*,, Œ£iM*ÎBI¥i ÏE'hi Wttfttt. * 3 t tt*. 3g» frifc

*«^rJE 3 m. fitftf i8.#f fiS&^WWH®. & 1.2- 1.5cm, s gO. 7-0.9cm( »E^featJc^fe,


Croton Fruit is the dreid ripe fruit of Cretan tiglium L. {Fam. Euphorbiaceae). Action To cause cauterization by external use.

Indications Malignant ulcer, scabies, wart.

Usage and dosage Appropriate quantity to be ground into powder for topical application or pounded into paste and wrapped in a piece of gauze for rubbing onto the affected skin.


Defatted croton Seed Powder SEMEN CROTONIS PULVERATUM

^iS&esiftjMijiiiniis, T«*. raggft, ««iff«. J0-T*

The drug is a processed product of croton seed.

Action To cause drastic purgation, to relieve edema. and to soothe the throat. Indications Constipation and indigestion due to accumulation of colci; ascites and edema with oliguria and constipation) inflammation of the throat. Usage and dosage 0.1 — 0. 3gi mostly used for making pills or powder. Precaution CoMrairidieated in pregnany. Incompatible with Semen Pharbitidis.

1 098 Elfe^

Bajitian < Morinda Root


? of ficinalis How W^StS.

in «a. # » m. . tins. m =f n*it«. flS^iH. 'MS^iS. HS

cffl^^ffimi 3 9g,

Morinda Root is the dried root of Morinda officinalis How (Fam, Rubiaceae). , Action To remforce the kidney yang, to strengthen the tendons and the bones, and ■ to relieve rheumatic conditions.

Indications Impotence, seminal emission, | infertility, menstrual disorders, psiti and cold Feeling jn the lower abdomen; rheumatic arthralgia! limpness of the legs. Dosage 3 — 9g.

099 TK^Ä Shuiniujiao Buffalo Horn CORNU BUBALI


385JS, sntw^t. BÖrää*. =frE3 it. &£KHf*tt.ir£6. «ÄÖ ft •

Buffalo Horn is the horn of Bubalus bubalis Linnaeus (Fam. Bovidae). Action to remove toxic heat, to reducing heat in blood, and to arrest convulsions. Indications High (ever, delirium and eruptions in epidemic diseases; spitting of blood, epistxis» convulsions, mania. Usage and dosage 15 — 30g. to be decocted for more than 3 hours before other ingredients.

loo 1

Shuiniujiao Nongsuofen ! Condensed Buffalo Horn Powder



imïhv» slosstk^Ä. CÏSttl&ÔO MMKêtÎîi HM II, ifM.

Condensed Baffalo Horn Powder is the semi-condensed powder oi Corn« Bubali. Action Indications As described under Corni Bubali.


Frince's-feather Fruit is the dried ripe fruit of Polygonum orientale L. (Fans, Polygo naceae).

Action To reduce masses by dissipating blood stasis, and to relieve pain by removing stagnancy of food. Indications Mass in the abdomen, goitre with pain, epigastric pain and distension due to indigestion.

Usage and dégagé 15~30g; for external use, appropriate quantity to be made into plasters for topical application.

102 Tfcígf




pigra Whitman^ 7jí,tf Hirude nipponica Whitman St W fff © 4K Whitmania acramilata Whitman &ÎÏHpÎSIf$.

WWKiMBfcMartSMMi. * WHWíwa-w-^igm

M 107

«âtfUtKftKttffiAAÇiMtt. Sim

tri*&míÄÄ- ^tffffr. «AJÍ* M ßHlfc fî. W- 2*Atf4«» £ 2—

im. 'JE I. :i.3m. i IfPHW». í<¡ fe!tí W . jë 5—12cm. TE O, I -O. 5cm.

gît. s#s átt. mr-ffiiüM. im «t&ífl. »¡friMfis,

L,, i k I tíbt dned body "í H'hitwuuu f>igru WhiUBitn. H>'vdr mfiftmica whiimnn nt tfArtmtfw»« utrttMaiate Whitman < Faim. HiruJinidM- ».

Uïlnn Ir i-lmnoslc tíund »íaw< «nd sriun ttUti nwi»tnu) (incWje.

dntiii r. n wrmrrhe-J duc I«) WW nasifI

IMumitic injiwie»

PrFcautiofl Coot «indicated in preunun


$ $ ft ®f f4 It It Artemisia argy i Levi. et Vant. tt^jftit. j

104 3tu+



$ $ ft ®f f4 It It Artemisia argy i Levi. et Vant. tt^jftit. j

flWJSS.6«* ÍE^afe, ?h JgJWÍfe. Imm, m« fr a wfcw B s»m ttírS ■ StJttftffl^ífeít^. iüSI*^

K^-ltíÉ-í »^JtKt. ffi . * ffl. Sít ^. °± JflL, fi JflL.

Argy Wormwood l^eaí is the dired leaf of Artemisia argyi Levi, et Vant, (Faro. Compositae).

Action To dispel cold. relieve pain, and arrest bleeding.

Folium Artemisiae Argyt (carbonized and brocessed with vinegar}. To arrest excessive menstrual discharge. Indications Pain in the lower abdomen with cold sensation; menstrual disorders of cold type ¡ infertility! spitting of blood, epistaxis, uterine bleeding in pregnancy, excessive menstrual flow; external use for itching.

Fot mm Artemhiae (carbonized attd processed with vinegar) ¡ Excessive menstrual flow of deficiency-cold type. Usage and dosage 3 — 9g; appropriate quantity for moxibustion or fuming and washing.


Ussuri Fritillary Bulb


Fritillaria ussuriensis Maxim. ^ TlffiSS^.

mn 40-60cms aj-fcm. fMIt.

Ussuri Fritillary Bulb is the dried bulb of > Fritillaria ussuriensis Maxim. (Fam. Lili- i aeeae), j

Action To remove heat from (he lung, re- j lieve cough and resolve phlegm, !

Indications Meat in the lung with cough ■ sticky arid bloody sputum, and distress in the chest.

Usage sud dosage 3 -•■ 9g t or 1 — 2g as one dose, to be ground into powder and taken after pouring liquid on it. Precaution Incompatible with Radix A coniti and allied drugs.

* a 6" a HMffiZft Polygonatum odoratum (Mill. ) Druce MT¿WS^a

106 3ifr


Fragrant Solomonseal Rhizome


* a 6" a HMffiZft Polygonatum odoratum (Mill. ) Druce MT¿WS^a tmttm man. is - M

ifnIlSsEffiifc. MtfrSr. E&rffi&MiMSS SStafe

Bg^piS, ftAffiffi. JBiS-^ffl*}

Fragrant Solomonseal Rhizome is the dried rhizome of Polygonatum odoratum (Mill. ) Druce (Fam. Liltaceae). Action To nourish win, promote the production of body fluid, and relieve dryness syndromes.

Indications Impairment of yin of the lung and the stomach with dry cough, dryness of the throat and thirst; diabetes caused by internal heal. Dosage <5~12g.

IJILJIIIIIIII.I I.II' M "J^l Ml I II' MM hUMÉlTlimMll—IMflT~lT~M ; • i;..l1J'J!.Tirj"17"1"r.. - _ "■".'' í " '■ :

Liqiiailn Root


* ni. Jtj Ù f'-l tt tt Ç CWrrhira u-j,mlTi:;í> r-lx.k, , -^'tív Glycyrrtiiza inlhiiA lin. PÍ Îi £ l+tf <^lyvjrrhni çrlMlm I . LHjf tflltlAtS^..

rñí W ta t Hi.RH?. tM*: ÎE* ; tëtë m-. ^Bqtfjfe^fllilaj-fc».*

tf'.iíflftffe, ïttfcJFj. 5S/J-U: -it St if 3% tó. ¿hü ft £ <M % 4V:.Wí ft ;

ft«. ÄlfcStj-*: tt ft .'-j «fli'iï M 9 * 4'■ Di) L* * « Û ft H' JfcJB£. íNlüíft^tíííS

H Ml f- - t ■ fl-1 ■* « -frflí tt* fr ■PUflWtfj.Mtí.

ATiHW^. fíít. AtiLAiÇÂâ'JSl^ UfKuwait^. «îtt.

*í ht tí 3t ft.. 4f tu tt , Tïir fc A I». teíV.WiftJI?, «¡bífií«, tPfE

«it. ififüfl-tt.ihJtÄtt^ÄlSiÜ at. £ « Ê. Br ® * LÍÍT íi S. fr-.i- ■]■*,

«i * £mf &A: . ET*, m flPfi- £$ïtîû. jEJLSUnñTíiflit* ¡.¿Ei-.

'T.ÍE- iSKfci* «- IR.W. dur WZAZtiti, tñl.l+i{?*, Sïtt, RU

I.Hjiiarirr K«it » the drwmj im and rht «HI:' til (r/,Vl,VrftjIW Nrd/,fl.M hit h. t/i'.s tyrrD/za fn/ftiM Bat. or Ctfyt •.rrhiza

Action To reinforce the func■; tj oil the fptrrr) and replenish t/<. to «miw hfat »nd counteract toxicity, to di*p« fklfgm «rid relic« uniih. to illrvink tpiMnodu: pair,, imil to moderate drug net km», Indirntimw Weakness of tin >f>in-n and the Htmiach mrKkrri hv Ituiiuilt juid weak-rtf"«-i cprdiar palptimwn ittd »hortness of bntthi cough with much phii^mi »pas itokIic pain in thi i ptjiMriutn. »Women <ind iimbi carbuncle* and »ores. It is aft en used lor reducing thr toxic or drastic at lion» of other drug«. D<istt)>c I. -9g.

Precaution Incompatible wish K.u1x Eu phorbue Pckmcnsts. Flo» i.icnkwa «nd Kaiiix Kstsmii.

I iquorkc Root 1 processed with hon ey >,


I iquorkc Root 1 processed with hon ey >,


4-W; >;tf tf it^M Ill I'.,ft SMltt * ')■} fi W fli 'ittiW « W H. ¿itfiiiLfr.&i'i^Fi's^. wfiAf*. ttj iir« a v ,'v ,Vf a. Rj litl,J{f H(f h . qi tr f if-WftPi-M L U H J* fj «ft . ff jft Z U . -L-.-i]

tjqsRitici k-.nJ ipnx-vsaed with honey1 «»

Allien I 1 mninrct iht Iurntun of ihi yfilr<r, :'nl rvph rii.*l< f(i> *nd mi n-mot«1 tl*

numuil «-jiiiIi n rhjnhm.

indication* Wi -iki. ••• ol ihf- .teisl ilu iiomnch with U>s*iiudt ¿¡id tack of

»trenglhi arrhyitimui.

Ljtpntrici Knot, i io

Gaits u i Gartstii R'H>I RADIX KANSUI

{¿i h k ft 14 itt US ft ¡t Euphorbia kiinstn I. N. I.itofxT. P. W«dg W | MftJl?»«

£ » I. «1 U1 • iirJLW• JMftilttt* J&ntl ■( ♦ £ '»■Tte 1 I Oram. £ f*. M 'I .,! iK Wf 1i 5-1» t ft - k ffllij 1i>: jj-fi t ©M-H^' tfcif-tt€W<K. fi»<* i- ± J'-it &*<1\< iMW^*. VWI »CI

it T> rt. 9M* f-'ii 3 £ . «f mntiVt ♦¡ttV.Wi'iWlB. tilffiffcIB

i t rt *M li I Smi. fi 0. 5 -.n, ,',1111 * fife »waft- mm it fi ^ a «if-1' Msm */ffii* y wtw it -at i u matt

Anion Ti ., isr árnstii purgation ¡itld i i pel the retained waler, liulicaliuii» Anasirtíi. bydftli .tux or •

cites wi«li dvjpnca. constipation stwi dig urin.

Usage and ddsitge I g- HuiMlt n<ed 5or nuking pilU or pciwdrt itier pro cufting.

Precaution Cantrnindtcatcd jr. pnrgiu.i-cy, Incompatible with R.ulix tilycyrrhuflr,

111 Shiwci

Shrarer's pyrrosia Leaf


itn-fm&tmil<fi h Pyriwm sheareri (Bak. ) Ching, G Pyrrtum lingiiii Í Thiirib. ! Ftirwdl áfcíftfiíítt PyrroKÍa petiolosa (t'hnu l'biiig ¡Vj T

jé. #fttc«rfrr »f— tl. h£.**jft. t ff« ü Ê , IT M * M • IS $ «

WItWätf« ITC. fillff /K ftMItMMtXfí ~ ïïlït «USIi. »ffufttW-iBa!

Adft p fr; m if m « & w s ff ftr i fi we ti= n tut* «f-íst.. -ti.

tfffi ' ätöfi«felt afc'i-m &. F fi iín m % íl «í & ¥.4* t. «»M^Ä^ftÄ TUP Bl M iiWtè. a&flltHl. Ai «MU - it' f¡. Bf IV ® St « sí "i W Itt f t ® • tí S -12rni, SL 1 - Vi». « pH 16. <í •»

ut « tí m \. ^ 3- «cm. « i -2- «in USiflUÇH. <tf|: "F^ih 'Slí.

, vfwii-.itiL wr-^ft. aw*. iiM. J*ffc f'i®. iftWififlS. otiL. «1 mi. • W I'll. ■ W »- W&W««. ffl&^ffil fi 12k

Fyrrt ■Anirtri tltak. * Chtng. Pyrnvm itngua Hi.«lb. » Farwell or Pymtiia prli-utaut ( t1ai*( ) Chinjj * Fuji», Pt )!yp<xiiftceae I

W'tion To induce diuresis. relieve djraufl-ii. rcmnv« A, jf And nrrenT hlt-eiimg. iitdkntl<w< Urinary infection uiid urnhitu um* with difficult painful urination* npit •in? "f IiIaihI. rpdstaxis. hcminuru. sbnar rnil uierini' bleeding: hhikI» and ««.tbnw due hi W mi tin' ¡nag. »Mag« S- I2g.

Shijucrmng Sea-ear shell CONCHA HALIOTIDIS

nieolor Rtcve-, íí ífc H. distu» hflnnai îiio, nvina Vrmclir.. ÍH

iWSft It. ruber <l.eaL-|i>. l£*ff H. *»im lui l.iuiwfu» S&, Él 9Ü H. Laevigata I Donnvatn 1 M .

fttftfltMFK'fliJlft. ft «JítUí* ?|fiï»fJf*tà»|S:»ÎLt fi i» .fc 1t + « ft » « a it m s- *«i4+p -ttttftlg. H4EKttM$ í^l H/-4K W 3/4. 1 4.Äffl«.

íl«<r. tt&ftKftftft-ftffilftJft* ^^^'jvíiw'íííD. iç+4-51 if p. r ¡n? wi: tu miwft, Stt. Ä»ft. H—*6HÍ*2cm it »h«miñ . iL□ iü, ît'I' »F n

«j 91. ? une. : hä«*. «s ÇA.SX^fEV'HME&l* t,'i. *

3 SIIÎÊ, «risau*. foíLí-" t-«i ÜM. Pl'ÄfBA;. "¿WW^. ftfft M. i'i fe. ffiî ilfeflli*. t r? fif i X ®f. íj 30 íí^jfrst

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