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Hairyvein Agrimonia Herb is the dried aerial part of Agrimonia pilosa Ledeb. (Fam, Rosaceae).

Action To arrest bleeding, to stop raalari al attacks, to relieve dysentery, and to counteract toxicity,

InditaiUwis Hemoptysis, bematemesis. abnormal uterine bleeding) malaria; dysentery with bloody stoolst overstrain; boils and sores j pudental itching with excessive leukorrhea.

lissge end dosage 6-12g, appropriate quantity for external use.

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Hairyvein Agrimonia Herb



Chinese Waîtgojrd Peel


$ ¿È */ & n Vr « Ä Befuncmw hispida «Thunb. ) Cogn, W


tü & L « » SB 2~ 3 , "t fV fttöäi [3 m ■ J»t CT Bf if fti. 5—7 its "Sé'B'H1

fflîÈ^ffl* 9-30«, i , il - W,mgounl Pet i- the driedcxocarp oí «iwníom» Aii/n'ííií < Thimb. ) Cogn (FatJU l UuurÍMtaretM; )>

Adlon To rau« dlutesi*. Indication*. Edema with iliRuria ¡ thir*t and wlig'jn.i due lit îMntmrt hral. DinJtgr *- •• .:«.

Dongehon g xiaeao

Chinese Caterpillar Fungus


$ qH« »«M M *• ■* A X * Cordy-ceps sinensis (Berk. ) Sacc. lift*, ft 48

^Äffilffltt, 2-3cm. Tl^gp^ffi)^ iC, iEHWJP* £ 1-1. 5cm. «fei &


3—5cm, ÄS 0. 3 — 0. 8cm j ftMÄ^ft. 20-30 t. ¡¡Sit

Mftm&B, is 4-7cm. Ig«) 0. 3cms «WiS^ftMiJiSft.


ffll^ffil) 3—9g, Chinese Caterpillar Fungus is a composite consisting of the stroma of the fungus. Cordyeeps sinensis ( Berk. ) Sace. (Fam. Hypocreaeeae). parasitzed on the larva of some species of insects (Farn. Hepialidae). and the dead caterpillar. Action To tonify the lung and the kidney, arrest bleeding, and dispel phlegm. Indications Chronic cough and asthma; hemoptysis in phthisis t impotence and seminal emissions with aching of bins and knee«.

Dongkuiguo Cluster Mallow Fruit FRUCTUS MALVAE

fe^-H Malva verticillata L, i^^piftfiK CDHtt^S^ S60~-90cmt mm< Riiwi

ai 10-111, ftJNB#t Eb 10 -lE^fritfiJi. »Bi-OtfiS'Wif1^

Cluster Mallow Fruit is the dried ripe fruit of Malva vertuiUata L. (Fair. Malvaceae >, commonly used by the Mongol nationality.

Action To remove heal and induce diuresis. to relieve edema. Indications Urinary infection with oliguria. edema and thirst. Dosage 3~9g.

Shengjiang Fresh Ginger


^i&^^ftttiilS Zingiber officinale (Willd.) Rose, ftfrlitftg. ««¡Si]

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