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Insect Wax is the purified wax secreted by-male insect of Ericerus pela (Chavannes) Guerin, which dwelling gregariously at the stem and branch of Frasrinus chinensis Roxb. Ligustrum lucidum Ait. (Fam. Oleaceae) or other species of the genus Le-gustru.

Usage Excipient and lubricant for making pills and tablets.

Rondoukou Nutmeg


Nutrnsu is the dried kernel of Mynstííj /rufffitft., houll (fim. mymricure«). Adlon To «rarm the .</>/«« and «munch und promal« the flow ol tp. to arwst diarrhea as an astringent, iMttcatinn* Orficitnry "I the spitm «Ad ílomJii-5» with pentKtvn« dk»rrhea. cp gastric and »bdmniwl datensjcffl And pain. unoreiÎB, and vomiting. Dosage 3~-9g.

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Roucongrong Desert! iving Cistanchc HERBA CISTANCHES

* & % m a n at & $ & w cbtanchi deserticola Y. C. Ma iftTi^liJtW


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Desertliving Cistanche is the dried fleshy stem with scales of Cistancke deserticola Y. C. Ma (Fam. Orobanehaceae), Action To reinforce the kidney, replenish vital essence and blood, and induce taxation.

Indications Impotence, infertility; general weakness with aching of the loins and knessi constipation. Dosage 6~-9g.

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Rougui j


-fc bb 3*J ft # II $1 S Cinnamomum ; cassia Presl ft Tit


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Cassia Bark is the dried stem bark of O'n-ttamomum cassia Presl (Faro. Lauraceae). The drug is frequently collected in autumn, and dried in the shade. Action To supplement body fire. reinforce yartg. and lead the fire back to the kidney, to dispel cold and relieve pain, and to activate blood circulation and stimulate menstrual discharge.

Indications Impotence, frigidity, feeling oi coldness and pain in the loins and knees t dyspnea in deficiency syndrome oj the kidney, dizziness, inflammation of the eye and sore throat dueto yang deficiency t precor dial and abdominal pain with cold sensation, vomiting and diarrhea in deficiency-cold syndromes! neurosis with a feeling of gas rushing up through the chest to the throat from the lower abdomen? amenorrhea ■ dysmenorrhea. Dosage 1 ~ 4. 5g.

Precaution Used with caution in patients

with bleeding tendency or pregnancy, compatible with Halloysitum Rubrum.

Rouguiyou Cassia Bark Oil OLEUM CINNAMOMI

^nciiÇrÎSf-^ÎÉiâlfàiÊ Cinnamomum cassia PresI «T««, »MB*MKM

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amp, iE^gfj^siii^is.

am. — & o.o2~ 0. 2ml, — S 0.06—0.6ml. Cassia Bark Oil is the volatile oil obtained by steatn distillation from the dried branch and ieai of Cinnamomum Cassia PresI (Fam, Lauraceae).

Action and indications Carminative and stomachic.

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Zhujieshen Japanese Ginseng RHIZOMA PANACIS JAPONICI


*ttAMffM1ft. 5— 22cm, j 0.8-2-5cm0 SS^fi^îï^fe. ffi j SS, 1ÏWÂ, lïISUfe 0. 8—2cm» 1 EJfêWg


If « « -s . » «il-«- it 11 fe 'Il i- ^ tf«*. ïïXWto- SfcíHtt

JB&-5J91 6-«g lAjMMK Git«ng Ii the dncíl rhiromi? of p(iMr;^««)C. A. Mï> iFam Andi-

Ait Inn To »! rrngl hen t ht cnnsïilO' ion. 111 eliminate bUiotf s Im" and rtiievc paiit. to »tTfsl bli'L-tling. and lo promo« «*|w«to»


Indication Getier»! wmIuils- .lit« dl» tait, consumptive cough with hemoptysis, cough with profuw »putumi '.raumune in iitties.

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Bamboo Shavings


tuldoideo Munro . k A- ft Hi Sinocsla-mus beedwyanu» (Mtinro) McClure var. pubescen*. P, F. Li i-tíf tf Phyl losiachys niRta var, henorus Stapf ffi s ¡A

fi »>tj fc 05 n B. mr ft tí tt * * <N • '

sm it« * il h 11» «Ä ra M F « m ! wt * j* M te * T¿ 1» IV -AK, « * V- F

«î^iASI^ÎiÔ ff« Wt œ. fttsihUS. 1 ffHHftË» ©ifclfc «MJMHt-Wt*K* s

Bamboo Shavings is the dried middle shavings of stem of Bambusa ttddoides Munro> ! Sinocalamus beecheyanus (Mutiro) McClure var. pubescent P. F. Li or Phyllostachys nigra var. hmimis Stapf (Farn. Grarnineae). Action To remove heat, to resolve phlegm, to relieve restlessness and to arrest vomiting, j Indications Cough due to heat and r phlegmi restlessness, vomiting, palpita-1 tion and insomnia caused by excess fire in ! the gallbaldder, stroke with impairment of ; consciousness t stiff tongue vomiting due to heat in the stomach t hyperemesis gravi-i darum, threatened abortion. Dosage 4- 5~9g.

j Zhusha ! Cinnabar | CINNABARIS

f fe.&m&feMHiife.iutif

I Cinnabar i? a mineral of sulfides of cinnabar group, containing mainly mercuric sulfide

Action To cause sedation and to counter; act toxicity.

Indications Palpitaion, insomnia and ! dream-disturbed sleep} epilepsy, mania, infantile convulsion! blurred vision; ulcers in the moutht painful swelling of the throat; boils and sores. ' Usage and. dosage 0. 3~1.5g, used in ; making pills or powder for oral adramia-i [ration( appropriate quantity for external 1 use.

Precaution Long term administration of large doses should be avoided because of the toxicity,

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Siaktasg Iritillary Bulb


walujewii Regel Fritíllaxia pallidiílora Schrenk Sfüií?.

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