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I Murraya jasminorage is the dried leaf and young foliferous drauch of Murraya exotica ! L. or Mnrrayn paniculata (L. >Jack (Fam. Rutac eae).

Action To relieve pain by promoting the circulation of qi and blood, and to remove blood stasis.

Indications Stomach-ache, rheumatic arthralgia f external use for toothache,t rau-matic swelling and pain, snake and insect bite.

Usage and dosage 6 — 12g» for external use, appropriate quantity of the fresh drug to be pounded into paste for topical application.


Jiuxiangchong jiuxiang Bug ASPONGOPUS

# n A m ft a A A Aspongopus chinensis Dallas MiH&l*.

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f Jiuxiang Bug is ihe dried body of Aspongo-I pus chinemh Dallas (Farn. Pentatoimdae). | Action To regulate the flow of qt and relieve pain, to warm the stomach, and to restore the kidney yang. Indication« Epigastric pain with distension due to cold in the stomach or due to stagnation of qi in the liver and stomach i impotence and aching oi the loins and knees in deficency syndromes of kidney. Usage and dosage 3—

Daodou Jack Rem


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