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Common Burreed Tuber is the dried rhi-lome of Sftarganium stoloniferum Buch. -Ham. (Fam. Sparganiaceae), Action To eliminate blood - stasis with strong ef fect, promote the flow of qi, remove the retention of undigested food, and relieve pain.

Indications Mass in the abdomen: amenorrhea due to blood stasia abdominal distension and pain caused by retention of undigested food. Dosage 4. 5 Sg.

Precaution Contraindicated in pregnancy.


Zingiber (Dried Ginger) RHIZOMA ZINGIBERIS

K&ttift^ttfi.fiitt.JUKttttA« St*. HPHiiiK- MSffift.

Zingiber is the dried rhizome of Zingiber officinale (willd. ) Rose, Action To dispel cold from the spleen and the stomach, to promote recovery from collapse, and to eliminate damp and phlegm. Indications Epigastric pain with cold feeling, vomiting and diarrhea accompanied by cold extremities and faint pulse? dyspnea and cough with copious frothy expectoration.

016^« Paojiang


a^jhiiL, S^JiH^iS. ttSittPi. otniM*. BJUfcjt. Cffl^^fflMD PIT*.

Zingiber (processed) is the processed Rhi-zoma Zingiberis.

Action To dispel coid from the spleen and the stomach. and to arrest bleeding. Indications Abodominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea caused by deiicierxy-cold in the spleen and the stomach i spirting oí blood, epistaxis or abnormal uterine bleeding due to deficiency of yang. to keep the blood circulating within the vessels. Usage and dosage As described under Zigiber.



W Toxicodendron vermcifluuro (Stokes) F. A. Barkl, ftHttiSjhlXen^HkA.

*£* «jWtaiiniJM*. m ffi/Jv, flciife. m^^H^^WJ0. *

lit ft.


Dried Lacquer is the dried purified resin of Toxicodendron vtrmcifbmm (Stokes) F. A. Barkl. (Fam, Anacardiaceae). Action To eliminate blood stasis, and to kill worms.

Indications Amenorrhea and mass formation in the abdomen caused by blood stasis; abdominal pain due to intestinal parasitosis.

Precaution Used with caution in pregnancy and debility without blood stasis.

018 («**> Tumuxiang Inula Root RADIX INULAE

Inula helenium L. Inula racemosa Hook, f, iWT ^ftl ,,

CKtt&D ftg nt-*«, «*. rutin», it&nbWB its. ¿mag. ^t»®^, as«^®.

ttttS&tt. nt*. mtt&w * a a nex*, is * ®. &

CttttlB; JSL®, i. ft. iH ft tf' if J^ttflfeii, mi. i&^se.

Cfflii-^ffl*] 3~9g, if A A,««. Inula Root is the dried root of Inula heitni-um L, or inula racemosa Hook. f. (Fam. Compositae) commonly used by the Tibetan nationality.

Action To invigorate the spleen and regulate the (unction of the stomach, to relieve the depression of the liver qi, to alleviate pain, and to prevent sbortion. Indications Distending pain in the chest, hypochondrium and epigastrium, vomiting apd diarrhea; bruise or sudden sprain of the chest with pain during breathing; threatened abortion.

Usage and dosage 3-~9g, mostly used in making pills or powder.

* ^iJlrKSRFSi


Paniculate Bolbostemma RHIZOMA BOLBOSTEMMAE

*ft»3MPf#««l±!ai» Bolbostemma panieulatum (Maxim. ) Franquet.

Paniculate Bolbostemma is the dried tuber of Bolbostemma panieulatum ( maxim. ) Franquet (Fam. Cucurbitaceae). Action To dissolve lumps, cause subsidence of swelling and counteract toxicity. Indications Mastitis, chronic lyrnphadeni-; tis, tuberculosis of cervical lymph nodes, hypertrophic rhinitis. Dosage 4. 5—9g.


020 Tujingpi

Golden Larch Bark


# M> % ft ¥r 1t m & tt ii Pseudolarix kaempferi Gord, Eft its^bi5~2o«i, mm fl, -F. #


5mm5 fitt. WtSStS


Golden Larch Bark is the dried root bark or stem bark near the root of Pseudolarix kaempferi Gord. (Fam. Pinaceae). Action To kill parasites and relieve itching.

Indications Scabies and tinea. Usage and dosage Appropriate quantity soaked with vinegar or wine. or ground into powder and mixed with water to be applied topically.

V V ' 2

Tufuling '

Glabrous Greenbrier Rhizome f


Smilax j glabra Roxb. |

ttttttW*. j

Glabrous Greenbrier Rhizome is ihe dried rhizome of Smilax glabra Roxb. (Fara. Liliaceae).

Action To remove damp, to counteract ; toxicity, and to improve the mobility of , joints. |

Indications Dysuria with turbid dis- j charge, morbid leukorrhea. carbuncle. j lymphadenitis, chronic eczemas contrat- j ture of limbs and muscle pain in syphilis i with mercury poisoning. Dosage 15—SOg.

A ftftfftg j j

Tubiechong j

Ground Beetle f


sinensis Walker ¿c^ffe!^ Steleophaga 8

Ground Beetle is the dried body of female > j

Eupolypkage. stneTisn Walker or Sleleopha- ®

ga plancyi (Boleny) (Fam. Corydiidae). j

Action To remove blood stasis with po- j werful effect, and to promote the healing •

of bone fracture. S

Indications Bone fracture t amenorrhea {

and formation of mass in the abdomen due j to blood stasis. ]

Precaution Contvindicated in pregnan- ]

MlllllllKB»?^ 20

023 ^jfiLS


Sargentglory vine Stem CAUL IS SARGENTODOXAE

i wtMwm, i CIS«^}^*;^^. fcci* 10m. fife ; . ttf . ; Mat- (^i'hnfii i k- tin?®, ie/f&tt. rm-. rt-^tt-

Bga&fe, iw^jii^^wi&aBS-ii m w mm ag ct m.»w £ »a » & • w gStWED «lis. Rig««. ttihtt*.

SargeMgloryvine Stem is the dried vine stem oi Siirgentodoxa cuneaiti (Oiiv. ) Rehd.

et Wils. (Fain. Lardiiabalateae). Action To remove toxic heat, to promote blood circulation, and to relieve rheumatic i conditions.

i Indications Acute appendicitis; amenorrhea. dysmenorrheai rheumatic arthralgia« traumatic swelling and pain. Dosage 9~l5g.

024 ttH


Dyers VVoad Leaf


CAjft-«fl»3 9~15g„ Dyers Woad Leaf is the dried leaf of Isatis indigotica Fort. (Fam. Cruciferae). Action To remove toxic heat, reduce heat in blood, and promote subsidence of eruptions.

Indications High fever with impairment of consciousness and skin eruptions in epidemic diseases : jaundice t acute dysentery ; mumps t inflammation of the throat i erysipelas, carbuncle. Dosage £>~ LSg.



^S^SliH-lfitti Ziziphus .


CJSttisJ tiTJt


CRtttttti *

n-asmtsfe, BIBS*

6 I5ge

Chinese Date is the dried ripe iruit of Zixi-phus jujuba Mill (Fam, Rhanmaceae). [

Action To toiiify the splten and replenish ; qi, to nourish blood, and to ease the mind. Indications Anorexia, lassitude and loose , stools in deficiency iyndrome-i of tk( spleen; hysteria in women. Usage and dosage 6 — 15g.




Rheum pal-

malum 1„ % )j§f t^f j<Z ft Rheum j tanguticura Maxim, ex Bali. I® 15,® ^ $ Rheum officinale Baill. Wf'iftS

) I—2ma m^sEJf. m&SL. Situf-w I km* ft. ¥«5-7

: -0»«. -'h^lr^K. iEff^lSK j ' nHfiEHJfc. »W't». j gPHB^Tiffiia^«, tS 3~17cm, sl; f j Mitfitft, j

! tftt»Hfltftfii&i j i m^wnsjgr. w i ttiiffl. ^«¿m^s. tmmj ma.

I «ffffiM. WJN^*. Sfe^fi, riUfe | tt®. »aw, mmmm* ant"*? |

I i&itir&LSt,

! Rhubarb is the dried root and rhizome of |

j Rheum pulmatum L. , Rheum tangulicum \

t Maxim, ex Balf. or Rheum officinale j

Action To cause catharsis and purge away |

heat, to reduce heat in blood and counteract }

toxicity« and to eliminate blood stasis and j ' - —

«MKMNW« ■»"«"if-«lWP&'iBIM».-"!«.

stimulate menstrual discharge. 1

Radix et Rhizoma Rhei < stir-fried with ! wine): To remove toxic heat from the blood in the upper portion of the body. Rudij <t Rhizoma Rhei (prepared)-. To purge away heal and remove toxic sub- ; stances, but with less cathartic effect. Radix et Rhizoma Rhei (carbonized) i To reduce heat in blood, remove blood stairs. and arrest bleeding.

Indications Fever with constipation, retention of the feces and abdominal pain; i dysentery with inadequate discharge from | the bowels > jaundice caused by damp-heat; spitting of blood, epistaxis. inflammation { of eye and swelling of the ihroal due to heat j in the blood: appendicitis with abdominal pain; boils ■ sores and abscess t amenorrhea due to Mood statist traumatic injuries: hemorrhage from the upper gastrointestinal tract. External wse for scalds and bums. Rad irr et Rhizoma Rhei (stir-fried with wine), Inflammation of the eye. swelling of the throat and painful swelling of the j gums.

I Radix et Rhizoma Rhei (prepared)-. Boils. , sores and abscess,

[ Radix et Rhizoma Rhei (carbonized): j Hemorrhage with blood stasis due to heat in i the blood.

! Iteagc and dosage 3~30g. riot to be de' cocted for a long time if it is used for , catharsisi for external use, appropriate : quantity to be ground into powder for topi-I cal application after mixing with liquid. I Precaution Used with caution in preg-j nancy

«MKMNW« ■»"«"if-«lWP&'iBIM».-"!«.

«.Iii i wstmmir MBtuuH B


Japanese Thistle Herb

; Japanese Thistle Root



I Cirsium japonicuiti j DC.

. fe, ^ttS^Sc&fe. Mis f It«», HrHiitafflffi. fc5-~15cm.

I W^ewd i&ffl. ( jfii^it^ tt, i. am j it JJl. iicSSiBJH'. mTMA- ftjfiL! S

] Japanese Thistle Herb or Root is the dried aerial part or root of Ciniutn japonic urn f DC. (Fam. Compositae).

j Action To arrest bleeding by reducing

' heat in the blood, to remove Mood stasis,

\ and to promote the subsidence of swelling. Indications Epistaxis. spitting of blood, hematuria, hematochezia. abnormal ute-

I rine bleeding, traumatic bleeding! carbun-

| cles and sores.

! liMge and dosage 9~ 15gi for external

| use, appropriate quantity of the fresh herb i to be punded into paste and applied topical: iv.

028 Dafupi Arcca Peel


iRfifcR'ft « - .#. t-f « • Jr¿ $ - ÍT fe -m p. ^j» -^i»*".

HiriWst-i^iFife^E-TSfl*^ ; «lie.mifttfSEiffi.Sina.^M^i?. ¡1 «fitWi nf-wm. ««T«, i (JWWfcl CD^BSigi B&^ffiCWt 1 ft »! J&*« <^ 4.~7cmz~3.5cm. I

¡ffft. rtSH&tHBg. fl&J&StSfi, it m< m ft -1 - "cm, Hfi fe^ti&fS

ft, TTJ&WtfWi'NftffcartmiKtttf*

Areca Peel is the dried pericarp of Arem catechu L. (Fam. Palmae). The unripe fruit is collected in winter to the next spring, dried after boiled, cut longitudinally into two valves. The pericarp is peeled. It is known as "Dafupi", The ripe fruit is collected from late spring to early autumn, dried after boiled, the pericarp peeled, tapped to loosen and dried in the sun. known as "Dafumao Action To promote the descending of <};. to relieve abdominal distension, and to cause diuresis.

Indications Stagnation of qi due to accu mulation of damp marked by epigastric and abdominal distension, difficult evacuation of the feces, edems of the legs and oliguia. Dosage 4. 5—-9g.

worn HMnnmiiimn a.m tww»im

029 lllil^-

Shanmaidong Liriope Root RADIX URIOPES

Lir.ope spicata (Thunb. ) Lour. var. proliféra Y. T. Ma ÎS # ill S Liriope imiseari (Desne) Baily W TM^rflS „


«««rasmiP:*:®®®^ mffl&R ^«»j-. s«* Aunt*. «3-5& «iËT^ftffSrt. $ «

5cm, ÏS 0. 3-0. 8cm. ^ffiSMfc. ft iwxT-m^'fei tf, #

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