4~9cm, M 3<"~7cm( Ml^SS&fe i ! |SU n+W-tfe £~5cm, ft

Cablin Patchouli Herb is the dried aerial i part of Pogostemon cattlin (Blanco) Benth. i f (Farn. Labiatae). |

Action To resolve turbid damp- improve appetite, arrest vomiting and dispel sum- \ mer-heat or summer-damp. Indications Lingering oi turbid damp in j the spleen and stomach manifested by stuffiness in the epigastrium and vomitings summer-damp affection marked by lassitude j and stuffiness in the chest t cold-damp af- ; feet ion in summer time marked by abdomi- ' nal pain, vomiting and diarrhea; sinusitis with headache. Dosage 3 --9g.

Glossy Privet Fruit is the dried ripe fruit of Ligustrum iucidum Ait. (Fam. Oleaceae). Action To replenish the liver and kidney, improve eyesight and promote the growth of black hair.

Indications Vertigo, tinnitus, weakness in the loins and knees, premature whitening of hair and impaired eyesight due to deficiency of viii of the liver and kidney. Dosage 6 — 12g


Cmhdod Sinopodophjllum Fruit


Podophyllum emodi Wall, (ft Til iftlWME.

^SmS^W«. H-jSE 25 30cm, nt jr^Ci ttm e, «aft. ft««**.

atfe. iN^Sfc. CSWtttti ^SSffiia^Iiiirii^, ft 3-5. 5cm, Jt® 2 4cm,

»awtti. flWMiife.

3—9g, AttiR. Common Sinopodophyllum Fruit is the dried ripe fruit of Podophyllum emodi Wall. (Fam. Berberidaceae), Action To regulate menstruation and promote the flow of blood. Indications Amenorrhea due to Hood stasis, difficult labour, missed labour, retention of placenta.

Usage and dosage 3 — Sg j usually made into pills or powder.

gtj'j li

^sSj^^J&ii-BilliaifF Foeniculum vulgare Mill.

S. «^JP^JiM^. ffi'h. © j WWffi^ft. tc4~8mm. Sgl.5- '

«.nt-toffli^MSiiu&^wwEa&iif i c^nMsum jmb. !

CJS&«JM] 3~-Sg. Fennel is the dried ripe fruit of Foeniculum vulgar? Mill. (Fanu Umbelliferae). Action To dispel cold and relieve pain, to regulate the stomach function. Fructus Foemadi (processed with sail), To dispel raid Irom the interior and relieve j pain

Indications Scrotal hernia with pain and cold extremities« dysmenorrhea with lower abdominal pain and cold sensation» distending pain in the epigastrium with anorexia, vomiting and diarrhea; hydrocele of tunica vaginalis.

Fructus Foemculi (processed with soil): Scrotal hernia with pain and cold extremities) dysmenorrhea with abdominal pain caused by cold. Ehwage 3—fig.

Xtaohuixiang Fennel


054 'hiM


Stachyurus or Japanese Helwingia Pith


Stachyurus hiraalaicus Hook. f. et Thorns., cf,@[í®1??£ Stachyurus chi-nansis Franch. li| Pf Helwingia japónica (Thunb. ) Diet..

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