Common Bletilla Tuber ¡s the dried tuber of Bletilla striata < Thunb. ') Reichb. f. CFam. Orchidaeeae).

Action To arrest bleeding, and to promote the subsidence or swelling and the growth o( new tissue. Indications Hemoptysis in pulmonary tuberculosis. hematemesis in peptic ulcer i traumatic bleeding, boils and sores ) rhaga-dia.

Usage and dosage 6 —lSg. or 3—6g to bi ground into powder for oral administration; appropriate quantity for external use.

Precaution Incompatible with Radix A-eoniti and allied drugs.


Largebead Atractylodes Rhizome ;



Atractylodes rnacrocephaia Koidz. EftfTiS , cat««)] ^Fife^*. fli^K^. « RfSife.


C&lfcSftSt^ift;! m. tr. M. «sfj^:, jhtr. fflim ftKiftff. ssft&ifi. iff, ±a*«it. fni-

Largehead Atractylodes Rhizome is the rhizome oi Atractylodes macrccepkala Roidz, (Fam. Compositae).

Action To invigorate the function of the spleen and replenish qi, to eliminate damp by causing diuresis, to arrest excessive perspiration, and to prevent miscarriage. Rhizomei Atractyiodis Macrocephalae (processed with terra) ■ To invigorate the function of the spleen and regulate the function of the stomach, and to prevent miscarriage. Indications Hypofunction of the spleen with anorexia, abdominal distension and diarrhea; dirainess and palpifation due to retention of phlegm and fluid; edema: spontaneous sweating) threatened abor tion,

Rhizama Atractyiodis Macrvcepkiaiae (pressed with terra): Hypofunction of ihe spleen with anorexia and diarrhea; threatened abortion. Dosage 6~-12g.


Chinese Pulsatilla Root RADIX PULSATILLAS

¥ pp % 6 tt f4 ft tf E^ it Pulsatilla chinensis (Bge, ) Regel giJ^iStR.

tKHaffi. 5


Cfflii-^ffl«] 9~15g, Chinese Pulsatilla Root is the dried root oi Pulsatilla ch menus (Bge. ) Regel (Fam. Ranunculaccae).

Action To remove toxic heat and relieve bloody dysentery.

Indications Amoebie dysentery i pudendal itching with excessive leukorrhca. Dosage 9-1 5g

131 G35


White Peony Root f

RADIX PAEONIAE ALBA f tttl^i? Paconia lacti- j flora Pall. j ck««» mane. j attH&. im® \ itsafe/j«. |

^StSiiJii. i

WFft. IfS-lScm. fig 1 i i&t&mifWM.. tt^stit !

i fc, tt. ft*. T i Jffjfcft. #j|Lifl&, ^Mjhif. fflfi I

White Peony Root is the dried roo of Paeti-nia lactiflora Pall, ( Fam. Ranuncul-aceae). ;

Action To subdue hyperactivity of the litter and relieve pain. to nourish blood and regulate menstruation and to check exees j si^e perspiration.

Indications Headache and dizziness: | costal and abdomina palm spasmodic pain j of the limbsi anemias menstrual disorders: , spontaneous sweating and night sweating. Dosagi; 6— 15g.

Precaution Incompatible with Rhizoma et j Radix Veratri.

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£ Sh Ä 3P W tt ft Ö 36 Angelica dahurica (Fisch, ex Hoffm.) Benth. et Hook, f, ifcttQiE Angelica dahuri-ca (Fisch, ex Hoffm. ) Benth. et Hook. f. var. formosana (Boiss. ) Shan et Yuan föf^f

nr^ÄÄ. s^pfsi. WiÄW. »H-ffi fe.rlfiHBJiJiDtÄi'i-'^of'ft««*® Miirlffl^. gffiTiiMH«. iEÖÄ.

CS5fcM5M*rJ ifilSHi»- K 10-25cm. Ig 1. 5 — 2- 5cm. ^WÄ^fe


Dahuria Angelica Root is the dried root of Angelica dak urica (Fisch, ex Hoffm. ) Benth. el Hook. f. or Angelica dahurica (Fisch, ex Hoffm. ) Benth. et Hook. f. var. formosana (Boiss. ) Shan et Yuan (Faro. Umbelliferae), Action To dispel wind. remove damp, clear the stuffed nose, and relieve pain, and to promote the subsidence of swelling and drainage of pus.

Indications Headache, particularly pain in the forehead, and stuffed nose due to coldsi sinusitis; toothache! excessive leuk-orrhea; swelling and pain of sores and wounds.

Dosage 3~9g.

RHn S^mi

133 fi^


Giant Typhonium Rhizome RHIZOMA TYPHONII

^■a^^mM^iitti^ft^Typhom-um giganteum Engl, <!tfj fit .

ntffifewffiff.aiair^iB. »t-w-H

iM; *#. NHMK&lhllR. Mil3 PRWf. iff m, HEA«, uijsoa«.

Cffl^^fflMD HUMitlJSM. 3-6g.(

Giant Typhonium Rhiiorne is the dried ruber of Typhonium giganteum Engl. (Fam. Araceae),

Action To dispel wind-phlegm. to check convulsions, and to counteract toxicity, promote subsidence of nodulation and relieve pain.

Indications Stroke with gurgling in the . throat, deviation of the eye and the mouth. ! and impairment of speech; upward invasion of phlegm causing headache accompanied with dizziness, heaviness of the body, restlessness, fidgetness, nausea and cold extremities, or migraine; sore throats tetanusi external use for scrofula, venomous snakebite.

Usage and dosage Usually used after processed, 3~~6gi for external use. appropriate quantity of the unprocessed tuber lo be pounded mto paste, stewed into soft extract or ground into powder (mixed with wine), and applied topically. Precaution Be cautions when the unprocessed ruber is taken orally. Used with caution in pregnancy.


Lalang Grass Rhizome RHIZGMA IMPERATAE

^i&^^MtttlS^ Imperata cylindrica Beauv. var. major (Nees) C. E. Hubb.

Ctt^iilfil^iit^ U". «JiLJhlfc, it Si W M.ffl Ti.S\ RtJtL. MA. JSS ifa..


9-30g, iiiJ 30 —60g„ Lalang Grass Rhizome is the dried rhizome of Imperata cylindrica Beauv. var, major (Nees) C. E. Hubb, (Fam, Gramineae). Action To arrest bleeding by reducing heat in blood, to remove heat, and to cause diuresis.

Indications Spitting of blood, epistaxis and hematuria due to heat in the blood i febrile diseases with thirst} jaundicei urinary infection with difficult painful urination; edema in acute nephritis. Dosage 9~30g! 30 —60g of the fresh rhizome.

Baifan Alum ALUMEN

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