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3*C-Ï5ic,«iifci rtm 0.6-1. 5g, Alum is a processed mineral of sulfates of alumstone containing mainly potassium aluminium sulfare CKA1 (SO,): • 12H.O). Action To counteract toxicity, to kill parasites, to arrest discharges, and to relieve itching by external use ; to arrest bleeding, to relieve diarrhea, and to dispel wind-

phlegm by internal administration. Alumen (calcined ) : To arrest discharges, promote the healing of ulcers, arrest bleeding, and cause cauterization. Indications External use for eczema, scabies , otits media with purulent discaharge ; internal use for chronic diarrhea, hema-tochezia, abnormal uterine bleeding, epilepsy and mania.

Alumen ( calcined >: Eczema, discharge from ulcers otitis media with purulent discharge, excessive leukorrhea with pudendal itching, bleeding from the nose or gums: nasal polyp.

Usage and dosage For external use. appropriate quantity to be ground into powder for topical application or dissolved in water for washing* 0. 5~ 1, 5g for oral ad minis-

Baiguo Ginkgo Seed SEMEN GINKGO

is 1. 5 — 2. 5cm. SE 1-2cm, mt*} lem» S®* Él Ê, T». A 2 — 3 ft«».

Ginkgo Seed is the dried ripe seed of Ginkgo biloba L. (Fam. Ginkgoaceae). Action To arrest persistent cough and asthma, and to reduce leukorrhea and urination.

Indications Persistent cough and asthma with profuse expectoration; morbid leukor-rhea with whitish discharge; enuresis, frequent urination. Dosage 4-3~-9g.

Precaution Raw Semen Ginkgo is toxic.


Willowleaf Swallowwort Rhizome


nanchum stauntonti (Decne. ) Schltr. ex Levi ät & ■ft" Ö ft Cynanchum giaucescens (Decne. ) Hand. Marz.

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