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Pummelo Peel is the dried exocarp of unripe or almost ripe Cut us grandi s "1 omen tosa ' or Citrus grandis ( L. ) Gsbeck (Faro. Rutaceae), The former is commonly known as "Maojuhong", and the latter "GuangqUhua" or "Guangwuzhua". Action To dispel mid, eliminate damp and phlegm. and arrest ernesis or nausea. Indications Cough, itching of the throat and profuse expectoration in colds j nausea, vomiting and epigastric distension caused by improper diet or excessive drinking. Dosage 3~6g.



Terrninalia billerica (Gaertn. )


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j Belleric Terminals Fruit is the dried ripe ; fruit of Temtinalia bill erica (Gaertn. ) f Roxb. (Fam, Combrataeeae). used com! monly by Tibetan nationality. ! Action To remove toxic heat, to arrest | discharges, to nourish blood, and to coor j dinate the actions of various ingredients in | a prescription.

j Indications Various febrile diseases; diar-! rhea, impetigo; liver and gallbladder dis ; eases t debility during convalescence. | Usage and Dosage 3 — 9g t usually made i into pills or powder.

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Niuhuang Bezoar


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Bezoar is the dried gallstone of Bos taurus domesticus Gmelin (Fam. Bovidae). Action To restore consciousness by reducing fire and eliminating phlegm. to relieve convulsions, and to counteract toxici-

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i Indications Impairment of consciousness j in febrile diseases and stroke; infantile con j vulsion, epilepsy, mania; sore throat, ul-| cers in the mouth i carbuncles and boils. Usage Attd dosage 0. 15 — 0. 35g, mostly used in making pills or powder; for external use, appropriate qunatity to be ground into powder and applied topically.


Great Burdock Acbene FRUCTUS ARCTII

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